Baked Beef Liver Fillets
Baked Beef Liver Fillets
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Baked Beef Liver Fillets

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We are now offering 100% Baked Beef Liver Fillets. These treats are loaded with health-enhancing benefits, and we know your pet will love them. These treats contain no additives, no artificial colors, or preservatives. 

Baked Beef Liver Treats are an excellent source of:

Vitamin A - for growth, immune function and cell function
Iron - involved in the synthesis of blood and more specifically the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin
Copper - helps the formation of bones, collagen and connective tissues. Also known as an antioxidant.
Niacin - aids in the breakdown of fatty acids which in turn leads to healthy skin
Zinc - plays important roles in a dogs' body including immune system function, thyroid function and hormones
Phosphorus - supports healthy kidney function, and aids in muscle contractions and motor skills
Vitamin B - involved in nervous system and brain function, intestinal health and digestion
Omega-3 Amino Acids - reduces inflammation including the joints, aids in cognitive function, and promotes heart health
Omega-6 Amino Acids - helps fight infections, and promotes healthy skin and coat

Feeding Guidelines

 We all know that our pets love treats, but they should be given in moderation. Treats should only represent 5% or less or your pets daily food intake.


100% Baked Beef Liver Fillet